Andersen Nasogastric Tubes

Andersen Nasogastric Tube®: If it's bubbling, it's working!

The Andersen Tube is a vented (bilumenal) gastric tube designed to keep the stomach continuously and completely empty. It has 24 aspirating ports in the tip of the tube that are designed to screen out particulate matter too large to pass through the tube. It is made of exceptionally soft and pliable vinyl for patient comfort.

All tubes are FDA-approved and sterilized.

Anti-Reflux Filter
The air vent in all Andersen Nasogastric Tubes is now equipped with a unique non-wettable filter that acts to prevent vent-tube reflux.

Double-Lumen Construction
The configuration of Andersen Nasogastric Tubes maintains the vacuum in the aspirating tube within a range (to -24 inches H20) that will not damage delicate gastric mucosa. Because the vent tube is attached to the outside of the aspirating tube, and not recessed in it, the inside of the aspirating tube is perfectly round and can pass a greater volume of aspirant than other tubes of the same French size.

24 Aspiration Ports
Andersen Nasogastric Tubes are less likely to block than other gastric tubes because their aspirating ports are perfectly round and have a smaller diameter than the cross section of the aspirating lumen. Thus particles too large to pass through the aspirating ports cannot pass into the aspirating tube. Moreover, the aspirating ports are polished to remove any burs that might trap mucous or particulate matter.

Ease of Placement
Andersen Nasogastric Tubes have marks at 40, 50, 60, and 70cm from the most proximal from the aspiration port. These marks encourage correct placement, in the average adult, of the aspirating tip of the tube in the cardia of the stomach. Pediatric models of Andersen Nasogastric Tubes have multiple markings to facilitate placement in children.

Patient Comfort
Andersen Nasogastric Tubes are extruded from a particularly soft, medical grade vinyl and their distal end is molded into a gently rounded tip to assure atraumatic passage and extended patient tolerance.

A glance from across the room will assure you that the Andersen Nasogastric Tube is functioning properly. The need for routine irrigation, and routine checks for tube patency or pump function are eliminated because — If It’s Bubbling, It’s Working!





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